Site visit on the Saône’s edge

The Graie and the EPTB Saône Doubs invite you to discover the Saône, the main tributary of the Rhône, of which the Doubs is the main tributary. This lentic river is crossed by a territory with multiple challenges (preservation of water quality, flood management, resource sharing, preservation and / or restoration of natural environments). Its alluvial valley constitutes an ecological corridor and a first-rate wetland at national and European level. Since 2020, scientists and stakeholders in the territory have been committed to building a knowledge program on the Saône to support the integrated management of the Val de Saône.

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We offer a tour of this river which will allow you to discover:

• The functioning of the Saone: its geomorphological and ecological dynamics, its interactions with its alluvial plain

• The perception by stakeholders and users of the river of the issues and challenges of this river

• The commitment of local stakeholders involved in the management of the Val de Saône

• Innovative restoration operations conducted under the watchful eye of ZABR scientists

• Remarkable sites in the Val de Saône

The construction of the detailed program is underway.


This visit is organised in the context of ISRivers by the Graie and the EPTB Saône Doubs and its partners.

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