What is I.S.Rivers?

After the success of I.S.Rivers previous editions, GRAIE and ZABR are pleased to launch the 4th edition of the conference.

The 2022 I.S.Rivers conference will take place from July 4 to 8, 2022 in Lyon – in person.

(subject to new sanitary restrictions).

This international conference is dedicated to research and practices on natural and human-impacted large rivers. More specifically, it focuses on their functioning, on changes and processes, interface and interactions, management policies and engineering.

A fully bilingual event

English and French are the two official languages.

Simultaneous translation will be provided for all sessions of the conference and during the Technical Tours. The webinars will also be translated simultaneously.

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Aims of I.S.Rivers Conference  

The I.S.Rivers conference concentrates on existing knowledge on management strategies and lessons learned from case studies.

Particular consideration is given to the integration of the physical, ecological and social perspectives of the different stakeholders involved in river management (governance, economy, culture).

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The ambition of I.S.Rivers

To promote multidisciplinary approaches

To identify and discuss the most recent scientific advances regarding the complexity and diversity of rivers.

To share experiences of research and practices, implementation of local policies at different scales with various human and geographical contexts.

To engage all stakeholders and to build bridges

To gather highly skilled professionals from various fields, in order to promote knowledge transfer between all the actors.

To stimulate European and international collaborations between scientists and river managers for the purpose of improving decision support and practices.

Specificities of the Conference

  • A conference focusing on rivers
  • A conference in which all facets of rivers will be addressed
  • A conference with multidisciplinary research occurring in interaction with management
  • A conference with feedback on innovative operational actions enabling the transferability of good practices for river restoration and management
  • A conference with French-English simultaneous translation to promote a real dialogue between delegates, and access to research, actions and experiments conducted on French rivers

Expected attendance

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The ambition of the organisers is to promote exchanges between scientists on the one hand, & river managers and stakeholders on the other.

500 delegates are expected with a balanced distribution between practitioners and scientists (60% from France, 25% from Europe and 15% from the rest of the world).