The ZABR – Zone Atelier Bassin du Rhône -, labelled since 2001 by the CNRS “Ecology and Environment” Institute (InEE), brings together 23 research establishments. Its purpose is to promote, coordinate and enhance research on the functioning of the hydrosystems of the Rhône basin. Its mission is also to organise the transfer of results to water and land managers.  It provides them tools for assessing the effects of restoration operations and their sustainability on the environment, biodiversity and services provided.


The Graie, a public interest association, mobilises and connects players in water management, aquatic environments and urban development. Created in 1985, the Graie has over 300 members: public and private professionals, local authorities, companies and research laboratories. The Graie’s action aims to develop a shared culture, based on knowledge and the exchange of experience, in order to improve water management practices. In this way, the Graie contributes to the appropriation of knowledge and to the evolution of practices and regulations on water. The organisation of the Novatech and I.S. Rivers conferences is one of its means of action.

For the I.S.Rivers conference, the combination of Zabr and Graie allows us to lean on:

  • the scientific network of Zabr, nationally and internationally recognised for its quality and its scientific valorisation implemented with Graie
  • With the organisation of the first three editions of I.S. Rivers, has shown its seriousness, rigour and dynamism in the organisation of international conferences