Webinars: I.S.Rivers Mondays

In order to keep in touch between two conferences, the Graie and ZABR are offering a series of I.S.Rivers webinars every summer. Researchers, managers, technicians and decision-makers with an interest in rivers, these webinars are made for you!

The next webinar takes place on 1 July 2024

3 webinars were organized in 2023:

The origin of I.S.Rivers Mondays

I.S.Rivers is an international conference which takes place every 3 years. Since 2012, it has brought together researchers, managers, technicians and decision makers.

Its ambition is to share the scientific developments and experiments conducted on these environments, to promote sharing approaches and to discuss on the relevant action levers for a sustainable management of rivers.

In June 2021, following the health crisis, I.S.Rivers adapted its organization by settiong up weekly webinars about the major themes of the conference. These were a great success!

In 2022, the Graie and ZABR were pleased to host the 4th edition of the I.S.Rivers conference. More than 500 participants attended.

In order to keep in touch between two conferences, a series of I.S.Rivers webinars were organized in June 2023 and a webinar is planned on 1 July 2024, leading up to the next I.S.Rivers conference in 2025.

Why are these webinars organized?

  • To share research and experiences conducted on rivers and large rivers in Europe and the world, presented by renowned speakers
  • To discuss with young water professionals on the future management of rivers
  • To maintain the link within the international community and including those active in the Rhone river management

All webinars are recorded in French and English and these videos are posted on the Graie’s youtube channel.


  • You are active in the field of rivers of Europe or worldwide, researchers, managers, technicians, decision makers…
  • You are curious about the issues at stake in these large ecosystems

The next edition of the I.S.Rivers webinar

1st July 2024

In 2024, a new webinar is organized to keep in touch and to discuss between the conferences of 2022 and 2025.

  • Registration is free but mandatory to receive the connection link.
  • Simultaneous French/English translation is provided for all I.S.Rivers webinars.

2024 Programme

Webinar date & schedule Webinar themeSpeakers
Monday 1th of July 2024
01:00pm – 03:00pm (CET)
Monetary and social appreciation of river ecosystemsDr P. Le Coent, Environmental economist, BRGM-G-EAU Montpellier : The economic valuation of NbS for a sustainable management of river ecosystems: principles, applications and lessons learned.
The economic argument is often put forward in favour of NbS programmes. However, the application of economic evaluation methods to NbS for the sustainable management of river ecosystems is still limited. In this presentation, we will review the principle of these methods, the questions they can answer as well as their limitations. It will be based on applications in the context of French and European research programmes.

Prof. Jasper Kenter, Professorial Research Fellow – Deliberative Ecological Economics, Aberystwyth University, director of Ecologos Research Ltd : Understanding the multiple values of rivers using the IPBES Life Frames.
The Life Framework is a way of characterising the different ways people frame and relate to nature, in terms of living from, living with, living in, and living as nature. It was recently adopted by the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) to help structure its new typology of nature’s multiple values. Here we will introduce the Life Framework and illustrate its application with evidence from the ESDecide project funded by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency. This project used an online deliberative approach with representative panels of citizens in three Irish watersheds to bring together sociocultural, biophysical, and economic considerations to prioritise different river management options.

-A third operation is awaiting confirmation

The last I.S.Rivers webinars

2023 Programme

Webinar date & schedule Webinar themeSpeakers
Monday 5th of June 2023
5pm – 7pm (CET)
What future for our rivers?
The voice of tomorrow’s leaders.
Dr Anne-Lise Boyer, post-doctoral researcher in social geography, Labex DRIIHM and International Research Center Iglobes – CNRS, Tucson, Arizona (United States)
Dr. Milos Rusnak, researcher in geomorphology, Institute of Geography SAS (Slovakia)
Dr. Hannah Joyce, géomorphologist, Atkins (United Kingdom)
Monday 12th of June 2023
5pm – 7pm (CET)
Rewilding our rivers with innovative nature based solutions? (Yes, we can!)This webinar will be the opportunity to learn about three concepts which are already used in river restoration, but are not well known in Europe:
Stage zero by Dr G.Heritage (Dynamic Rivers, UK)
Leaky dams by D.Morrison (High Weald AONB, UK)
Beaver Dam Analog, by Dr S. Bennett (ANABRANCH solutions)
Monday 19th of June 2023
4:30pm – 7pm (CET)
Rivers increasing water temperature under climate change. What are the impacts on rivers and their management?Dr S.Dugdale, University of Nottingham – Water temperature and river health: tools and techniques for monitoring and managing river thermal regimes under an uncertain climatic future.
J.F. De Liège, University of Liège – Aquapôle & T. Ferret, Adour Garonne Water Agency – Using the PEGASE model to analyse the impact of climate change on rivers management scenario
B. Rossignol, EPTB Loire – Between Research and Management. Developing the knowledge on river temperature at the scale of the Loire River catchment. A closer look at the Villerest dam.
Dr L. Tissot-Rey & Dr. A. Maire – EDF R&D – The management of riparian woodland as a solution to mitigate the impact of climate change on rivers temperature and their biodiversity.

June 2021

In 2021, 4 webinars were organized, one on each theme of the call for papers.

  • June 7th | 9am-11am – River management : the perspective of young professionals 
  • June 14th | 5pm-7pm – Rivers and human interactions – Power games, balance of power, and preservation of the quality of rivers 
  • June 21st |­ 5pm-7pmTrajectories and adaptation to global change
  • June 28th | 5pm-7pm – Ecological restoration and management issues

I.S.Rivers Mondays are organized:

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