Catch up on the I.S.Rivers webinars you may have missed

Due to the health crisis, I.S.Rivers adapted and proposed four webinars in simultaneous translation in June 2021. Focusing on the themes of the I.S.Rivers call for papers, these webinars enabled participants to discover the concept of the I.S.Rivers conferences through some papers.

You will find below some videos presenting each topic approached.

River management : the perspective of young professionals

As part of the conference Pingram offers feedback on his early professional experiences with Waikato Regional Council in Hamilton New Zealand.

Also discover the interventions of Mickael Le Gall, Daniel Hayes and Cybill Staenzel during this webinar.

Rivers and human interactions – Power games, balance of power, and preservation of the quality of rivers

As part of this webinar, balance of power, and preservation of the quality of rivers” conference Emanuele Fantini presented the role of media and science communication in water conflicts and cooperation.

Also discover the interventions of Coleen A. Fox and Edith Kauffer during this webinar.

Trajectories and adaptation to global change

As part of the “Trajectories and adaptation to global change” Francine Mejia talks about the effects of global change on aquatic biocenosis : Lessons learned from cold-water refuges.

Also discover the interventions of Guillaume Piton and Nathalie Le Nouveau during this webinar.

Ecological restoration and management issues

As part of this conference, Marie-Anne Germaine presents the conflicts and controversies of river restoration projects.

Also discover the interventions of Thomas Hein and Christophe Moiroud during this webinar.