CO-UDlabs | Lancement du réseau des infrastructures de recherche en hydrologie urbaine (UDRAIN)

Join the UDRAIN Working Group

June 10, 2024

At the ICUD2024 conference in Delft (The Netherlands)


For the past few months, a group of researchers and practitioners of urban drainage and sustainability has worked on the establishment of new JCUD Working Group on Large Research Infrastructures in Urban Drainage (UDRAIN), following in particular the successful collaborative work of nine partners and 17 research facilities in the EU-funded Co-UDlabs project, within the European Research Executive Agency’s INFRAIA framework.


The group’s objectives include improving available services, expanding the range of possible uses, supporting innovative research, and developing an improved cooperation roadmap in collaboration with other well-established JCUD Working Groups.

You will find a short description of the Group and its goals hereunder.


To consolidate the session’s programme, JCUD would warmly invite any institutions and individuals interested in joining this group to fill in this very simple survey. Collecting these expressions of interest would be extremely helpful for coordinators to have a more practical understanding of potential attendees and the outreach that group membership could have in the near future.